Samuel Wolf

Samuel Wolf

Hungarian poet of the 16th century
Country: Hungary

  1. Biography of Samuel Wolf
  2. Origins and Recognition
  3. Poetic Works

Biography of Samuel Wolf

Samuel Wolf was a Hungarian poet of the 16th century who gained recognition for his poetic works celebrating the achievements of Stephen Báthory.

Origins and Recognition

Little is known about Samuel Wolf, except that he was originally from Silesia and that Stephen Báthory ceremoniously crowned him with a laurel wreath in honor of his talent.

Poetic Works

Samuel Wolf's compositions primarily focused on the military exploits of Báthory. However, only two of his poems have survived to this day. One of them is "Elegia Funebris" (1581), while the other is titled "Stephani Pol. reg. ad Johannem Basilidem M. Mosc. Duc. expeditio". There is also a mention of a third poem, "Descriptio belli Moschovitici", made by Paprocki.