Umberto Bossi

Umberto Bossi

Leader of the Northern League party
Date of Birth: 19.09.1941
Country: Italy

  1. Umberto Bossi - Leader of the Northern League Party
  2. Founding the Independent Lombard League
  3. A Key Ally of Silvio Berlusconi
  4. Advocating for Federalization

Umberto Bossi - Leader of the Northern League Party

Umberto Bossi, born on September 19, 1941, near Varese in northern Italy, is a prominent political figure known for his leadership in the Northern League Party. Before entering politics, Bossi worked as a technician at a hospital in the city of Pavia while studying at university.

Founding the Independent Lombard League

In 1982, Bossi founded the Independent Lombard League, which aimed to advocate for the separation of the industrially developed northern regions from the rest of Italy. Two years later, the party was renamed the Northern League. Bossi's leadership has played a significant role in shaping the party's ideology and policies.

A Key Ally of Silvio Berlusconi

Bossi has been a key ally of the former Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi. He held the position of Minister of Constitutional Reforms in the government but decided to step down, dealing a blow to the ruling coalition. This move comes after the recent European Parliament elections, where all three allied parties of Berlusconi's movement, "Forza Italia," presented their political demands and threatened to leave the cabinet of ministers.

Advocating for Federalization

The Northern League demands the implementation of a program for the federalization of Italy, which they brought to the government. Bossi's decision to resign may also be connected to his poor health condition, as he was hospitalized with an acute heart attack in March. Throughout his career, Bossi has faced several legal challenges, including accusations of insulting authorities and attempting to undermine the territorial integrity of Italy. Although he has been sentenced to minor prison terms (usually suspended) or fines, Bossi has remained a prominent figure in Italian politics. He is divorced and has two sons.