Viktor Kondratov

Viktor Kondratov

Breeder of the Dynamo club
Country: Ukraine

Biography of Viktor Kondratov

Viktor Kondratov is a former Soviet football player, defender, and Ukrainian coach. He was born in Ukraine and received his sports education at the Kiev "Dynamo" school. Kondratov played for the main team of Dynamo Kiev from 1972 to 1974, participating in 16 matches during this period.

In 1975, Kondratov joined the Donetsk-based team "Shakhtar" and played for them until 1981. During his time with Shakhtar, he appeared in 192 matches and scored 1 goal in the USSR championship. He ended his playing career in 1982-1983 while playing for the SKA "Karpaty" Lviv club.

After retiring as a player, Kondratov began working for Dynamo Kiev in 1988. He served as a coach for the club's second, third, and reserve teams, as well as an assistant to the head coach. As of the end of 2010, Kondratov was working as a scout for the club.

Throughout his career, Kondratov achieved several notable accomplishments. He won the silver medal in the Soviet Championship twice, in 1975 and 1979, and the bronze medal once in 1978. In addition, he was a winner of the Soviet Cup in 1980. Kondratov was recognized for his outstanding performance in 1978, where he was named as the third best player of the season in the list of the top 33 footballers.